Preparing to Crack Down

As any Seattle local knows, we were graced with a couple of days of gorgeous weather last week, and we decided to celebrate by wearing dresses to the office on Thursday! Unfortunately Kristoph did not participate, although he did dress nicely for the occasion. We couldn’t help but joke about how we couldn’t quite picture Dress Day happening at most other startups, which are usually primarily male.

The nice thing about Dress Day is that it coincided with our team lunch in Seattle for Nijo’s. Since we have yet to find any spectacular sushi restaurants in Bellevue (if you know of any, please let us know in the comments!), we were all pretty excited about the trip.

We had some great sushi, fried green tea ice cream, and a couple pitchers of extremely refreshing mojitos. Kristoph was really pushing for a third pitcher, but responsibility prevailed and the rest of us overruled him in favor of actually having a productive afternoon once we got back to the office (sorry, Kristoph, maybe next time).

Although our field trip might have sounded like it was all fun and games, we had a particular reason for this excursion. We’ve set goals and deadlines for when we want to release our product, so this lunch marked the end of our days of extended lunches and the beginning of our crack down. As hard as we have all been working up until now, it’s time to double down.

We’re going to miss our fun lunches as a team, but everybody is extremely dedicated to the task at hand and excited to finally get our product out. This past week the team has been extremely focused, and this will continue well beyond our launch date.

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