True Life: Tech Bloggers Hate Me

Tech bloggers hate PR people. You can’t blame them for it – their emails are inundated daily with pitches from public relations professionals trying to get press coverage for the companies they represent. They probably all sound pretty much the same, and it has to get repetitive, if not down right annoying.

Imagine how you’d feel if somebody only ever reached out to you when they wanted something. Then magnify it hundreds of times on a daily basis.

That puts us PR people in a tricky position. We read bloggers’ articles – we know they’re smart and we know that they realize that we want something from them.

It’s not like we want to be another annoying PR person annoying journalists with another annoying email that they may or may not consider worth their time. But at the same time, we do want them to talk about our brand new startup and the super cool product we’re releasing, and hey, they might just want to talk about it too. As much as journalists might hate them, it’s hard to pretend like there aren’t occasionally stories worth covering in that mass of emails they receive on a daily basis. It can’t be WWDC all the time, so it must be nice to have those stories for a slow news day, right?

It’s an unfortunate situation, but what can we do about it? Our pitches are not meant to insult anyone’s intelligence or to irritate, we just don’t know a better way of approaching the situation. If any tech bloggers or journalists out there have suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

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