Catching the App Bug

There is a saying that every person has a book in them. As in, every person has a story to tell and could probably write a book.

What if apps are the new books? Similar to books, there are tons of genres, different audiences, and different series. Some are fantastically entertaining and useful. Some are poorly executed and impractical. Few become so popular they evolve into franchises like Angry Birds or the Harry Potter series.

However, does that mean everyone should get up and start creating their own apps?  Ideas can be great and perhaps do really well, but I think it’s the execution that counts. Occasionally paired with the saying above, I’ve also heard “Yes, but not everyone is a writer!”

As we’re building our app, I find myself wondering if I’m a “writer”. I keep thinking more and more about what’s next to come. Don’t get me wrong, I’m growing increasingly excited about our current app and watching it unfold into something great. However, I now know that this isn’t going to be my last app. I have a desire to work on more projects in the future, whether they’re my ideas or helping develop another’s. It’s a frustratingly neat process that I can’t deny has hooked me.

So this gets me thinking: “Do I have a great app idea in me? If I were to design and develop my own app, what would it be? Would it sink or swim in the deep sea of the app store?” I, like so many others, appear to have caught the app bug.

How one handles this contagious condition is important. Like any great idea, it could flop without thorough execution. There’s so much thought and trial and error that goes into an app. Not only should it be aesthetically pleasing, it needs to flow and function well. I’ve learned that first hand while working on our current app.

Speaking of our current app, I’m glad I’ve realized my condition and thought about future possibilities, but its time to come back to the present. We’re not done yet and we’ve got a lot more to go. We’ll see how I feel about this bug after August.

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