Our First Deadline

Degas had to meet our first big deadline earlier this week. Due to the stealthy nature of our company and product, we can’t tell you what it was, but trust us- it was important!

Since we had to pull so many different pieces together in an extremely short period of time, it was a long weekend and we all ended up staying at the office past midnight on Monday night to accomplish our goal. With the help of plenty of caffeine (Monster energy drinks were the beverage of choice), we were able get everything done. It was exhausting, stressful work, but it was also a really great experience for the team.

This was our first taste of what we have to look forward to as our product’s launch approaches. The closer we get to launch date, the more we’re going to have to work late nights like we did on Monday to make sure our product is ready to go. It was a great opportunity for our team to test ourselves- we got to see how we all do when we’re working late with a lot of different things to do and big deadline to meet. Everybody rose to the challenge and we all feel great about how we were able to work together as a team.

Despite the pressure and stress of meeting a deadline, we still managed to have a little fun. Everybody got a little goofy as exhaustion set in, and we think this photo of Nichole just about sums it up:

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