Sacrifices of a Startup

While on this startup adventure, I’ve found that in order for a big plan to follow through, sacrifices are bound to happen. Sometimes, no matter how much we want it to all end in our favor, we find we can’t have it all. I think everyone sometime in their lives discover that they can’t have everything they want (with or without the help of The Rolling Stones). Although disappointing, some sort of sacrifice must be made to make a grand plan work. This can pertain to one’s career or personal life.

These sacrifices can be big or small. Whether it’s something small, like giving up going out for lunch and piling on more hours in evenings and weekends, or something more significant like, seeing less of family and friends, these have all come up during this process for the Degas team. As we head into crunch time for our product launch there will surely be more sacrifices to be made.

For me, it’s been a major commitment of time away from home. Originally a native Californian, I’ve moved out for the first time to Seattle, leaving family and my significant other behind. I see them occasionally, but even so, it’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life thus far. How’s that working out for me? Well…

How an individual or a business endures these subtractions from their lives is what I think builds character and strength. The fact that sacrifices are made in the first place shows dedication to a goal. I don’t quite favor a quit-when-things-get-hard mentality. Nothing would get done! If successful ideas or businesses were super easy, everyone would be doing this, right? This is how I think people become stronger. They’re faced with difficulties through life and somehow deal with them. As painful as they are, life goes on and we’re left with new knowledge to handle ourselves in the future.

Is a start up difficult? Absolutely. Is it getting easier? Some aspects yes, some no. Is this all worth it? I do believe so. Will Batman and Robin escape the clutches of Penguin this time or are they doomed? Stay tuned.

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