Writing a Product Description

Throughout the process of building our product, there are often times when we need to give a written description of what it actually is and what it actually does. Whether it’s writing copy for our website or passing it along to potential reviewers, it’s important to know who our audience is and put the product’s best foot forward. Although this task often falls on my shoulders, the truth is it always ends up being a team effort.

It sounds pretty straightforward- we’re building our product from the ground up, so nobody knows it better than us, right?

The truth is, coming up with a description of our product can be really difficult- this is our baby, and we want everything to be perfect. Also, there are an overwhelming number of things we need to consider.

First of all, we need to be able to say exactly what our product is and what it does on the most basic level. This really should only be a sentence or two, but it’s a little more complicated than it sounds. Our product is amazing, and it does a lot of cool things. We can’t help but feel like simplifying it to such a short description doesn’t do it justice- it leaves out so much of what makes it awesome.

On top of that, our product is tech based. It does tech stuff. I could very easily use the technological terms to tell you what it is and what it does, but that’s not something most people understand. Translating the technological jargon into the language of the average consumer presents a similar challenge- once again, how do you describe it in a simplified way that the customer understands while still doing justice to how incredible it really is?

Once we have our initial description we need to expand on it and provide some detail. This usually means highlighting some of our product’s best features and talking about what makes it so unique. But, as I mentioned before, we think it does a ton of really cool things that are worth mentioning- so how do we choose just a few? Which are the most important?

After hammering out all of these details, we’re still faced with the most important task of all- showing how our product is beneficial to the consumer. Our entire description is worthless if it doesn’t demonstrate value. Fortunately, this is the easy part. The product does a good job of selling its worth on its own!

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