Creating Our Product Walkthrough

As launch approaches, it’s time for us to start preparing to showcase our product. In addition to writing a product description, we need to put together all of the tools we plan on using to present it to the world, such as social media, our website, etc. This past week we focused on creating a walkthrough video that would serve as an introduction to our product.

While a larger company might have a team of specialists or hire an agency to create the video for them, as a startup we had to create it ourselves. Everybody contributed in some way.

To begin, Kristoph, Alyssa and I all sat down to conceptualize the video. We first had to determine what features we wanted to highlight and what were the most important parts of our product to showcase. After narrowing those down, we discussed the images we wanted to use and how the presentation would flow. When everything was mapped out, Mel and Alyssa set to work putting together the visuals.

As our design team tackled the graphics, Kristoph and I collaborated on the audio. Once again we decided what features needed to be discussed in the video to put our product’s best foot forward. When all of the pieces were ready, I sat down and recorded the voiceover along with the visuals. Finally we sent everything over to Nichole for editing.

Ultimately we’re all extremely satisfied with the end result. We think this video is a great way to showcase our product and will serve as an excellent introduction.

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