Kristoph Cichocki-Romanov

Kristoph is the founder and CEO of Degas. He has an irrational passion for all things technical and revels in building useful, intuitive, game-changing products.

Kristoph is a serial entrepreneur. Prior to founding Degas he co-founded PressPlane, the company behind the Inkd and Zapd brands, and he was the CTO of the Trendi, a Seattle social shopping start-up. In 2000 he joined Aurema, an enterprise software start-up, as the chief business development executive until its sale to Citrix Systems in 2006.

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Alyssa Mees

Alyssa is the Co-Founder and Art Director of Degas. She is responsible for Degas’ art direction, from our brand to the aesthetics of our various applications. She also handles many of the day to day operations at Degas tracking the multitude of details required to bring our products to fruition.

Prior to joining Kristoph in founding Degas, Alyssa was the Art Director at The Indie Workforce, a multi-disciplinary production house based in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

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Mel Woodard

Mel is the Co-Founder and Director of Graphic Design at Degas. She is responsible for much of the visual design of our products- she manages our design team and oversees the workflow between our design and development teams.

Before co-founding Degas, Mel was a Graphic Designer at Pressplane, where she worked with Kristoph on the Inkd and Zapd products.

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Georgia Gier

Georgia is the Co-Founder and Director of Public Relations.  She is responsible for promoting Degas, publicizing Degas’ products and services, and spreading the word about the Degas post-pc vision and its impact on the world.

Before co-founding Degas, Georgia was a part of the social media and public relations team at Seattle start-ups Wishpot and Venpop.

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Nichole Radman

Nichole is the Co-Founder and Director of iOS Development. She is responsible for the development of Degas’ growing suite of iOS mobile applications.

Nichole is passionate about using technology to improve people’s lives.  Prior to founding Degas, she led the IT Department for the biomedical research lab at Washington University in St. Louis and developed a recruitment database to greatly improve lab efficiency.

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